Construction Chemicals Manufacturing

We provide construction chemicals and structural waterproofing solutions for concrete infrastructure including basements, tunnels, exposed car park roof decks, water treatment plants, swimming pools etc.

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Structural Waterproofing Solutions

Structural waterproofing of concrete infrastructure includes below grade and above grade waterproofing which covers the tunnels, exposed car park roof decks, basements, water treatment plants etc.

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On-site Technical Support

Our concrete waterproofing technical information provides support from the first drawing to the last pour of concrete. No other waterproofing company matches our level of integrated support.

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who we are

Armorsil is a multinational manufacturer of specialty construction chemicals with a presence in United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey and several countries in Europe and the African continent. Our aim is to meet the increasing needs of modern construction while producing and promoting products of the latest technology at affordable prices.

At Armorsil, we sell solutions and not products. The idea is that we try to understand client’s needs, challenges and undertake research in our well-equipped laboratories to design products that match or resolve these problems.


  • Construction Chemicals – Broad product technology
  • Waterproofing Solutions – Polyurea & Polyurethane coatings, elastomers
  • Sealants & Adhesives – Silane modified polymers & marine sealants.
  • Insulation Systems – Industrial insulation jackets and blankets.
  • Flooring Systems – High-quality commercial and residential floor coverings
  • Concrete Decor – Decorative concrete in home & commercial construction.

Manufacturer of Innovative Specialty Construction Chemicals

Why Choose Armorsil Construction Chemicals?

Integrated Support

Our concrete waterproofing technical information provides support from the first drawing to the last pour of concrete. No other waterproofing company matches our level of integrated support.

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Advisory Consulting

Armorsil manufacturing provides you with the best advice for your next project. Get a head start on any project with our helpful how-tos, downloads, handy tips and much more.

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Product Walk-through

You can find the help and advice you need for a wide range of projects and any of our specialty construction chemicals, ranging from floor leveling and rendering, tiling and grouting, waterproofing and much more!

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Our Products are Used All Over the World

Armorsil is a world leader in the delivery of tailored construction chemicals for virtually any type of project, combining high quality products, expert technical support, customer service and innovation.

 Armorsil’s  cutting edge of chemical technology specialises in sealants, waterproofing, concrete repair, grouts and anchors, concrete admixtures & pipeline coatings. With a comprehensive range of products & a highly developed global network, Armorsil offers a high quality solution for virtually any job, whatever the scale.

Armorsil News

Armorsil Turkey Expands Product Range Releasing Three New Products

Armorsil, the trusted partner for Turkey’s construction sector, is launching three new solutions in Turkey. These applications, designed to minimize resource consumption, improve productivity and ensure buildings’ durability, are suitable for all types of construction projects, including infrastructures, car parks, traffic decks, industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

Armorsil Ghana – Enters into Partnership with New Distributors

Structural engineers love the Armorsil range of construction chemical products, waterproofing solutions, the speed of our delivery and the quality of our service. Under the agreement, Armorsil Ghana Ltd will provide Armorsil products to Third Party distributors for its business operations with local and multinational companies in the country.

Armorsil Nigeria & Dangote Refineries Undertake Joint Concrete Test & Research.

In a new move designed to reduce price and ease logistics inherent in the purchase of its products, the management of Dangote Cement Plc has signed a research pact with Armorsil to improve it’s construction & waterproofing solutions. The pilot scheme is to add Lagos and Port Harcourt to our corporate experience, series of studies have been undertaken by specialists.

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